Crunchbase taps AllianceBlock to boost novel applications in DeFi


AllianceBlock, a decentralized finance solutions provider, has partnered with Crunchbase, a prospecting platform, to make its data available to Data Tunnel users.

This partnership will make Crunchbase’s business data more accessible to blockchain businesses and developers, allowing them to create applications such as default probability models, customer acquisition profiles, maps of untapped markets and more.

Crunchbase’s content includes investment and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news and industry trends.

The Data Tunnel serves as a platform for both conventional institutions and individuals, who typically rely on multiple sources of information to make well-informed decisions pertaining to their assets. With Data Tunnel, they can share, study and combine information without a middleman. The AllianceBlock data tunnel was launched in October 2022 to create a public marketplace for standardized data.

In 2021, AllianceBlock announced its integration with Avalanche, an up-and-coming “Internet of Finance” protocol. The integration allows users to access AllianceBlock’s DeFi Investment Terminal, peer-to-peer financial services, nonfungible token capabilities and Know Your Customer solutions directly on Avalanche. The partnership also includes development work with Ava Labs, the developers behind Avalanche.

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The same year, AllianceBlock combined technologies with Flare, a fellow blockchain tech entity that seeks to enable blockchains to access real-world data in smart contract execution. The two companies sought to improve their blockchains with each other’s tech, from cross-chain bridges to decentralized exchanges to oracle networks.

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